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Bill R. (Co-owner):

Coach Bill is a USA military veteran with over 20 years of fitness experience. Bill is a dedicated Master Boxing Fitness Instructor who has changed the lives of many long Islanders. You can expect a fun and challenging fitness experience each time you enter the facility. Thanks to Bill's unique fitness routines, members can expect to shed unwanted weight fast! Bill offers group and private classes. Co-Founder/Inventor of the Aqua Training Bag.

Eddie R. (Co-owner):

Coach Eddie is a Compliance professional who works in the NY financial district. Eddie enjoys working with kids and teens and is often seen on Saturdays training students on the sweet science.

Eddie also manages the gyms business and all promotional events. Co-Founder/Inventor of the Aqua Training Bag and Aquabag Technology.

Jules G. (Co-owner):

Coach Jules is a well renowned medical professional. Fitness is one of the key ingredients to a healthy body. Jules endorses our unique boxing and fitness program and seeks to expand the brand across New York State.  

Brandon Rivera (Instructor):

Coach Brandon is an experienced fitness instructor who is passionate about the sport of boxing. Brandon possess a unique style of training for kids, teens and individuals with mental and physical challenges.  

Boxing and Fitness classes in East Northport

Why us?

We are not a typical gym. We incorporate TECHNOLOGY into our boxing exercises fitness routines. We are the inventors of the and its innovative hardware and software technology. Each of our boxing and fitness classes are instructor lead. Your instructor will know your name. He/she will work with you to meet your fitness goals. When you train at New York Fitness and Boxing you can expect to receive a well rounded and challenging fitness routine. If you don't leave our facility in a pool of sweat...we didn't do our job.

We will push, coach and guide you through the process. Each time you leave our facility you will be one step closer to your fitness goal.   

Lose weight with Boxing
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