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Case Study for Boxing Inspired Fitness

When you start your boxing inspired fitness classes you will be amazed at your body transformation. You can expect your body to change before your eyes and your energy levels will rise, followed by pure happiness. But don’t just take our word for it. Here is a great case study that showcases what our customers are experiencing.

Parisa Hashempour trained like a boxer for six weeks, this is what she learned:

Week One - Boxing is a serious stress buster. Heading to the gym at the end of a long day and taking all that pent-up stress out on a punching bag and some pads is great for your mental health.

Week Two - Leave your vanity at the door.

The boxing routines are feeling better as my body adjusts to the new movements. The workouts are exciting and intensive. It will leave you looking like a hot mess. Truthfully it doesn’t matter much what you look or sound like. It’s all about putting all your efforts into punching and crunching as hard as you can. Not to worry, every other person in the room no matter their ability level is dripping in sweat.

Week Three - Feeling stronger and my stamina is growing!

I’m falling asleep instantly these days. The good thing about this sport is that although it leaves me a big, sweaty, hyperventilating mess it’s also a lot of fun. It doesn’t feel like a gym chore and every workout is unique.

Week Four - My body is capable.

Looking and feeling great... Skipping rope is part of the daily boxing routine, and by week 4 my stamina levels are higher. I can now skip longer with more reps.

Week Five - I am improving my strength.

On my first week of boxing, I was doing about three proper push-ups before dropping top my knees. Now I can perform multiple push-ups for longer periods. Boxing is the ultimate full-body workout. When you throw a proper punch you engage your legs, hips, gluteus muscles, core, obliques, back, shoulders, chest and arms. I was hitting the punching-bag harder each week.

Week Six - Confidence. The one thing I’m most grateful for is the confidence that this sport has given me both in and out of the ring. While I was embarrassed at first, now I’d feel totally comfortable going to the gym on my own and practicing my punching drills on the bags. When I walk home at night I feel a little lighter knowing I’d be able to give an attacker a good thump.

Click here to read her full story.

Ready to experience the powerful transformation that boxing inspired fitness can deliver for you? Book your FREE 30 minute VIP workout and

“come sweat with us!”

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