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How to look like a boxer

Edwin Rivera - As the proud co-owner of our dynamic Cardioboxing studio, we welcome a diverse range of clients who all find something uniquely rewarding in our classes. Our doors are open to individuals with varying goals, making for a vibrant community that supports one another. We often see individuals who are on a weight loss journey, drawn to the high-intensity cardiovascular workout that Cardioboxing provides. Similarly, those aiming to build muscle appreciate the full-body engagement and strength-building elements of our sessions. Beyond the physical aspects, we're delighted to witness individuals seeking to boost their self-confidence. The empowering nature of Cardioboxing, combined with the camaraderie within our studio, helps them break through their comfort zones and realize their potential. What truly sets our studio apart is our commitment to inclusivity – people of all ages and abilities, including those with special needs, join us to experience the transformative power of exercise. The adaptability of our classes ensures that every individual can find their rhythm and achieve their personal milestones. At our Cardioboxing studio, it's this diversity of clients and their unique aspirations that create an environment of continuous growth and shared accomplishment. We are true to our business slogan which is “Anyone can box, this includes you. Click here to get started. 

Train like a boxer

The Professional:

Many of our members commute to work and hold demanding jobs. Almost all are concerned about mental health. Our cardio-boxing classes can offer six mental health benefits: 1) Exercise Reduces Stress, 2) Exercise Decreases Anxiety & Depression, 3) Exercise Improves Your Self-esteem, 4) Exercise Helps Improve Your Memory, 5) Exercise Improves Creativity & Focus and 6) Exercise Helps Improve Brain Aging. 

Loss weight fast

To our stay at home Mom's and Dad's, you need to keep your family’s schedule; make sure you can do better than just keep-up. Find time for yourself and stay healthy and strong. Bill Ryder and our team of professional trainers are happy to discuss your fitness needs in private. Let's work together and achieve your fitness gaols.

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