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Heavy-bags are designed to mirror the human body. Heavy-bags can weigh between 75 to 200 pounds. We train on heavy-bags to practice punching combinations, build striking power and increase your cardio work outs.

We are the home of the new Aqua Punching Bag - This innovative heavy-bag is changing the boxing and MMA industry. The Aqua Punching Bag is a water filled heavy-bag that is designed to feel like your striking the human body. This is a low impact heavy-bag that is easy on the hands and joints. To purchase your own Aqua Punching Bag click here.

Speed Bag :

Where a heavy bag develops power, a speed bag develops skill. Striking a speed bag in a workable rhythm requires focus, coordination and speed. It's also an impressive cardiovascular workout, which can improve your circulatory health and reduce your risk for heart disease, high blood pressure and similar disorders. The improved coordination may also help you in everyday life.

Grappling Ropes:

Ropes aren't just for sailing. They're a must-have tool for anyone looking to pack on lean mass. "The key to their effectiveness is that they work each arm independently, eliminating strength imbalances as they sculpt your muscle," says John Brookfield, creator of the original battling-ropes system. They also provide a killer cardio workout. 

Jumping Rope:

Jumping rope is a great calorie-burner. You'd have to run an eight-minute mile to work off more calories than you'd burn jumping rope. We will typical include this form of training into your fitness program. Building your stamina is one of our goals, so expect to jump often.  

Free Weight Training:

While weight machines are good for helping novices begin strength training for the first time, after a few weeks on the machines you will need more variety of muscle movement, or risk becoming both sore & bored. Free weights exercises are “functional”, meaning they more accurately mimic the motions that humans engage in real life, allowing you to move better. We will often include "light" free weight training into your fitness program.

Flipping Tires:

The strength and aerobic benefits of tire training can enhance your performance in all sports from gymnastics to football. Tire training is one of the best total body strength and conditioning workouts that a person can do. You use your total body when you flip the tire, and by varying the distance you flip the tire nd time you flip the tire you can get a great aerobic work-out.

The Boxing Ring:

A boxing ring is the space in which a boxing match occurs. A modern ring, which is set on a raised platform, is square with a post at each corner to which four parallel rows of ropes are attached with a turnbuckle. While you get fit we will teach you the art of boxing. You will learn how to throw combination punches, upper and lower body movement, and how to defend yourself. 

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