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The Importance of Data for Your Workouts

In 2013, Eddie Rivera and William Ryder, owners of New York Fitness and Boxing located in East Northport, set out to create the perfect striking-bag. Our goal was to create the world’s first “smart” heavy-bag that utilized the power of data to improve workouts and reduce injuries associated with traditional heavy-bags.

We call it the Aqua Training Bag and it is now used by boxing gyms around the world.

Creating a smart heavy-bag meant that for the very first time fitness professionals, pro-fighters, and gym warriors can now measure their boxing and fitness progress. The new technology collects important data from the Aqua Training Bag sensor. This data is sent via Bluetooth to your smartphone.

Our trainers can now help you set realistic fitness goals and objectives based on your current capabilities. Information such as calories burned, number of strikes, punch power, average power, punch rate, and maximum power can now be analyzed across multiple rounds. In addition, the technology offers intuitive graphics that depict your work rate and stamina levels.

We use this information to assess our members’ fitness levels. So what does this data mean? Here is what we learned:

1) In week one, the average person struggles to throw 100 punches per one minute round.

2) In week one, most people are thoroughly exhausted after just three rounds of punching.

3) In week one, most people can only produce 50% of their power punch capabilities.

4) In week one, calories burned are at their lowest levels.

5) In week one, max power strikes are only recorded within round one and two.

6) In week one, muscular and overweight individuals BOTH struggle to complete four rounds of boxing

7) In week one, stamina and endurance levels are at their lowest

8) In week one, women showcase higher endurance levels

9) In week one, men showcase higher power levels

10) In week one, all participants agree that the Aqua Training Bag assessment is a very humbling experience. All are eager to elevate their fitness levels based on this first assessment.

After three weeks of fitness training, all of the above statistics can increase by 15 to 20% with the help of our trainers. Thanks to the new Aqua Training Bag, our trainers can now assess accurate fitness levels and formulate achievable and customized fitness plans.

The Aqua Training Bag and associated technology have revolutionized how we train on the heavy-bag. We can even store your data for several months, charting out important progress.

We like to say “if your not assessing, your guessing.” Come into the gym for your FREE 30-minute VIP workout and fitness assessment to experience data-backed workouts with the Aqua Training Bag.

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