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Tips for Healthy Eating & Nutrition to Support Your Fitness Goals

We often get asked what kind of diet and nutrition programs are best in combination when training in our boxing inspired fitness programs? While each person can be different and your fitness goals are unique, we have put together some general recommendations that will help you feel great, lose weight, and keep you healthy.

Boxing and MMA fighters are arguably the best looking athletes in the world. While a lot of this success can be contributed to their high cardio and strengthening training programs. The true secret takes place at the dinner table. If you follow this simple menu of rules, you will see great results:

Meat - Stick with white meat. Isn’t it ironic that white meat happens to be lean animals that can fly or move quickly.

Proteins - Include basic proteins (i.e., meat, eggs, tuna) in your diet but don’t overdo it. Remember this is boxing and not weightlifting, so don’t try to be a bodybuilder and eat one jar of peanut butter a day, it does nothing for you.

Fruits & Vegetables - YOU NEED VITAMINS! Eat a wide variety of them.

Liquids - Water, Water and more Water! You need minimum of one gallon a day. We recommend you start your morning with a big glass of water as your body becomes dehydrated after a night of sleep.

Alcohol - Stay away from alcohol, it will slow you down and fatten you up.

Fats - Stick with healthy fats. In regards to your body fat, this has more to do with your genetic makeup. Consider learning more about your specific body type at

Supplements - Don’t go crazy buying supplements. Pills, and lab-created substances aren’t natural. They will never be able to provide you the same level of nutrients that you get from eating real food. One supplement we recommend most customers is Vitamin D3 as most people (even in sunny California) are lacking in Vitamin D.

Before Your Workout - Don’t eat a heavy meal. A fitness bar, some fruits, or light salad are best before you start a boxing inspired workout.

If you want a more unique diet based on your goals please schedule your FREE 30 minute VIP workout that includes a fitness & nutrition assessment.

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