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Ages 7-14

Fun and Kid friendly 
Non-contact training 
no bully, no phone zone
Keep good grades win stuff!


Youth BoxFIT Teen/College
Ages 15-20


Youth Corner :

Healthy, fit habits are best put into practice early in life. NYFB is committed to making workouts fun for kids and teens so they are encouraged to take care of their bodies.


Kids ages 7 to 14, as they are challenged and see what they are capable of, kids gain confidence. An added bonus is that confident kids tend not become the targets of bullies.

Teen athletes ages 15 to 20  — Teens see an immediate improvement in endurance and strength. For those looking to engage in sparring, you must register with our USA Boxing Program. Speak with your trainers for full details. 


For kids program ( 7 to 14), Like our local schools, we are also against all forms of bullying. Lets work together to build your child's confidence through fitness. Lets ensure he/she does not become a bully target. As a bonus he/she will have the support of our membership family.  

Kids Boxing classes at New York Fitness and Boxing
Women Boxing classes at New York Fitness and Boxing

Youth Program:

Under this program your coach will start out very slow and work their way to advance boxing routines. Kids and teens will work at their pace and as they build on skill so will their confidence. Kids who keep good grades will win free NYFB gear! Submit report cards to your trainer. 

Youth (7 to 14) 1 month Boxing & Fitness Group Classes 


Participants will benefit from the discipline and focus of boxing, too. An age-appropriate version of the adult class, youth will gain confidence as they are challenged, gain strength and improve their stamina. Great emphasis is placed on learning the proper techniques. 

Youth (7 to 14) Boxing Private Classes

Our private sessions provide young members (7 to 14) with our undivided attention. This one-on-one session focuses on improving boxing form, fitness level and selfdefence ability’s.  Click here for pricing. 

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