New York Fitness and Boxing, East Northport

631-486-3043 - Located at : 1976 Jericho Turnpike in East Northport NY.

Boxing for Special Needs People - This program is designed to cater to individuals with special needs. We understand that a special needs person may require alternative approaches to physical fitness that not only accommodates their conditions but also work toward creating ways for them to further their own capabilities and development. In case you didn't know... the owner of New York Fitness and Boxing also has a special needs daughter, she is the love of his life.  

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ATTENTION - ATTENTION - To all members and visitors to this site, we are sorry to report that the Government of NY has issued a decree that requires all gyms within NY to close it doors. This action was implemented to help slow down and contain the spread of the coronavirus. Lets work together and support the community by practicing good and responsible "social distancing". To ensure that you keep your health and wellness in focus, we will offer you and the community FREE Instagram LIVE BoxFit classes. To access our classes please "follow" us on Instagram and wait for a pop-up notification. Refer to the below schedule. You can perform these routines in your living room, kitchen, backyard or home gym. If you miss the Instagram Live video you can find it on our YouTube channel here:

For a more realistic boxing experience, please purchase a 15" Aqua Training Bag at . Use PROMO CODE ER10 and save 15% off!    


6pm - Youth Boxing 
7pm - Adult Boxing 


7pm - Adult Boxing 
8pm - Muay Thai Fitness 

6pm - Youth Boxing 
7pm - Adult Boxing 

7pm - Adult Boxing 
8pm - Mauy Thai Fitness 

Muay Thai Boxing and Fitness

EYE WITNESS NEWS 7 NEWS - "Long Island gym debuts boxing class that will have you breaking a sweat while busting a move".Click here to learn more.

In 2020, New York Fitness and Boxing introduced our Muay Thai Boxing and Fitness program. This program goes beyond fitness, it also teaches our youth to focus on their scholastic achievement and aims to build character development.

The adult version of this program will challenge our members beyond boxing by introducing Kickboxing and other mix martial art disciplines. To reach higher rankings you will be required to take and pass our Muay Thai assessments. Click here to learn more.

Only on Saturday @ 8pm - The CardioBox Night Club Experience is a hot new way to get your fitness on! We combine the NYC Nihjtclub vibe with a non-contact boxing-inspired fitness program. Watch how our live DJ music and boxing instructor guide you through their fun but challenging fitness programs. If your looking for a new way to get your fit on and your tired of the same old Saturday night routine, you need to try this new fitness experience. Great for fitness minded people who love to party. Click here to learn more


16 Week Weight Loss Challenge

We are looking for 45 Participants. Click Here To Learn More 

Welcome to New York Fitness and Boxing, we are located at 1976 Jericho Turnpike in East Northport NY. For over 10 years our trainers have helped folks like you build strength, stamina and lose unwanted weight. You will find that the gym has a New York City Soho feel, with images of boxing heroes and NYC scenes adorning our walls. As the inventors of the Aqua Training Bag, we are recognized by coaches, trainers & Pro-fighters around the world for introducing the best heavy-bags in the industry. We look forward to meeting you.

16 Week Weight Loss Challenge. 45 People will join.

We are looking for 45 WOMEN to undergo a 16-week total body transformation. Our Program is designed to change your life. We don't care what kind of shape you are in, only that you try at your own pace and let your Coach help you while having fun.

- 45 Ladies that are ready to change their lives with the help of our coaches.

- You DO NOT need to be in good shape to start. This program will work for anyone.

- Must be willing to workout 3 days per week and be accountable to your coach.



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Your first class is free. Simply see our schedule and choose a class that works for you. We look forward to meeting you! We will contact you shortly.


Women Cardio Training

New Private one-on-one sessions start at $60 an hour. Designed for all who seek more guidance and direction. Its time to get that body in perfect shape! 

Youth Group Boxing just $50 a Month



$50 A MONTH !




Home of the Aqua Punching Bag & Aqua Head Hunter. Click here to buy your new and innovative H2o inspired Heavy-bag.

In 2013, Edwin Rivera and Bill Ryder set out to develop the best striking-bag in the word. We called it the Aqua Training Bag. Click here to learn more about our journey.