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THe Boxfitness Experience 

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Designed for all skill levels and abilities, including individuals with special needs. 

Explore the transformative world of The BoxFitness Experience, pioneered by Alexia Rivera in 2019, designed for all skill levels, including those with special needs. Our non-contact cardio-boxing program caters to all abilities, embracing inclusivity and providing a structured yet modified fitness experience. The program seamlessly integrates boxing-inspired exercises and movements, fostering physical well-being and personal growth.


Participation in our program comes with a unique inclusivity feature: individuals are welcomed to train alongside a designated aid, parent, sibling, or guardian at no extra cost. This collaborative approach ensures a supportive and encouraging environment for every participant.


For those unable to attend in person, we offer a convenient alternative through our live Zoom broadcasts. This virtual platform allows individuals to actively engage with the program from the comfort of their homes, ensuring accessibility and flexibility.


Join BoxFitness Experience, where empowerment, inclusivity, and fitness converge to create a holistic and enriching journey for everyone, regardless of ability.

All members are invited to Alexia’s dance social events. You can expect a live DJ, Bubbles, Pizza, Drinks, Games, Giveaways and Prizes. See below links.   

Alexia in the NEWS

The co-founder of the BoxFitness Experience Program, Alexia Rivera, was featured on Fox Five News, CBS News and News Day. Click below to view. 

Meet Alexia 

Alexia is the founder of the BoxFitness Experience. Click here to learn more. 

Halloween Dance 2022

A day full of Costumes, Pizza, Candy and laughter. Click here to watch the video. 

The National Herald News 

2023 Halloween Dance Social for all ages and abilities. Click here to read the full story. . 

Sock Hop Dance 2022 

A 50 theme Sock Hop Dance. This event included real vintage cars! . Click Here for video. 

Feb 2023 Valentine Day Dance

Alexia hosted her annual Valentine Day dance. It was a day full of love and laughter. Click here for video. 

Awarded Ceremony 

The BoxFitness Experience is for all ages and abilities including special needs. Click Here for Video

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