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About Us

New York Fitness & Boxing offers group NON-CONTACT boxing fitness classes to all ages and skill levles. We have classes designed specifically for our youth, teen and adult members. We also offer modified cardio-boxing programs for all abilities including the special needs community. Lastly, we help individuals fight back against Parkinson's Disease.


We are not a typical gym. We incorporate TECHNOLOGY into our boxing exercises fitness routines. We are the inventors of the and its innovative hardware and software technology. Each of our boxing and fitness classes are instructor lead. Your instructor will know your name. He/she will work with you to meet your fitness goals. When you train at New York Fitness and Boxing you can expect to receive a well rounded and challenging fitness routine. If you don't leave our facility in a pool of sweat...we didn't do our job.


We will push, coach and guide you through the process. Each time you leave our facility you will be one step closer to your fitness goal.   

Meet The Team

William Ryder at New York Fitness and Boxing

Bill (Co-owner & Master Trainer):

Coach Bill is a USA military veteran with over 20 years of fitness experience. Bill is a dedicated Master Boxing Fitness Instructor who has changed the lives of many long Islanders. You can expect a fun and challenging fitness experience each time you enter the facility. Thanks to Bill's unique fitness routines, members can expect to shed unwanted weight fast! Bill offers group and private classes. Co-Founder/Inventor of the Aqua Training Bag.

Eddie (Co-owner):

Meet Coach Eddie, an expert in regulatory compliance, specializing in assisting banking institutions combat anti-money laundering, tax evasion, and various illicit activities. Coach Eddie's passion for boxing ignited during his teenage years, and he still practices it today to maintain his fitness. As the CEO of New York Fitness and Boxing, he diligently oversees the business's growth and prosperity. Behind the scenes, Coach Eddie actively engages in marketing the gym, facility management, hiring of staff, community relations, financial support and raising awareness. Moreover, he is a co-founder of Aqua Training Bag ( and its digital products (

Eddie Rivera owner of New York Fitness and Boxing
Jules Garbus

Jules (Co-owner):

Coach Jules is a well renowned medical professional. Fitness is one of the key ingredients to a healthy body. Jules endorses our unique boxing and fitness program and seeks to expand the brand across New York State.  

Dorothy (Co-owner):

Prior to becoming a co-owner at NYFB, Dot was a dedicated gym member. When she learned about the chance to invest in the company, she promptly seized on the opportunity because she believed in both the team and the fitness program. In addition to her primary job, she manages the staff and handles the day-to-day operations.

Dorothy at New York Fitness and boxing
Alexia Rivera the founder of the BoxFitness Experience at New York Fitness and Boxing

Alexia (Founder of the BoxFitness Experience):

Meet Alexia, the fearless force behind the BoxFitness Experience! She's the brains and brawn behind this non-contact cardio-boxing program, perfect for everyone, including our Special Needs community. Alexia doesn't just lead; she throws punches alongside her pals while dishing out heaps of support and motivation. With dreams of strutting down the runway as a fashion model, she's on a mission to stay in knockout shape, training like a true champ!

Brandon (Boxing Instructor):

Coach Brandon is an experienced fitness instructor with over 5 years of experiance. Brandon is passionate about the sport of boxing. Brandon possess a unique style of training for kids, teens and individuals with mental and physical challenges.  Outside of NYFB, Brandon works in the medical feild. 

Brandon Rivera Fitness Trainer
Dahlia at New York Fitness and Boxing

Dahlia (Trainer):

Dahlia enjoys a challenge, in and out of the gym! Her clients in Rock Steady know her for love for lunges and insufficient knowledge of 60s rock and roll

Nicole (Trainer):

Nicole is one of our Rock Steady Boxing coaches working with people with Parkinson’s to fight back against the disease. She uses her experience as an Occupational Therapist to help those with various needs live their lives to the fullest through boxing, various techniques regarding strength and coordination and most importantly with fun and laughter. 

Nicole at New York Fitness and Boxing located in Huntington
Michelle runs the Rock Steady Boxing Program at New York Fitness and Boxing

Michelle (Rock Steady Boxing Head Coach):

Michelle  expertly oversees the Rock Steady Boxing Program, tailored to empower individuals in their battle against Parkinson's disease. This program excels for three pivotal reasons: it improves physical strength, sharpens cognitive functions, and cultivates a supportive  community that fosters resilience among participants.

Coach Kaitlin heads the Boxfitness Experience. 

She is a dedicated individual with a diverse educational background. She holds a degree in general and special education from SUNY Cortland, where she excelled both in academics and athletics. During her time at Cortland, Kaitlin showcased her athletic prowess as a member of the swimming and diving team, earning top ten placements in her division.


In 2019, Kaitlin's fitness journey took an exciting turn when she was introduced to the sport of boxing. Instantly captivated by its intensity and the challenges it presented, she found herself deeply enamored with the sport. Now, Kaitlin is thrilled to share her passion for boxing with others and is eager to introduce you to the exhilarating world of the sport.

With her unique blend of athleticism, determination, and enthusiasm, Kaitlin is ready to inspire and motivate others on their own fitness journeys through the art of boxing.

Jacob Spence is a coach at New York Fitness and Boxing

Jacob (Trainer):

Introducing Jacob Spence, hailing from the Bronx, NY, but now proudly calling Long Island home. Jacob is more than just an amateur boxer; he's a seasoned fighter with over 15 bouts under his belt, including National-level competitions. With a decade of boxing expertise to his name, Jacob also shines as a personal trainer, adept at working with both adults and children, helping them unlock their full potential.

Coach AB "Abraham" (Boxing Master Trainer):

Coach AB possesses over 30 years of boxing experience. Over the years he has helped athletes win national championship titles. When he is not training at New York Fitness and Boxing, you can find him at the Suffolk County PAL where he is the Head Coach. Skills include training large and small group classes but is happest when training private clients. 

Coach AB at New York Fitness and Boxing

Our Clients

Edwin Rivera - As the proud co-owner of our dynamic Cardioboxing studio, we welcome a diverse range of clients who all find something uniquely rewarding in our classes.


Our doors are open to individuals with varying goals, making for a vibrant community that supports one another. We often see individuals who are on a weight loss journey, drawn to the high-intensity cardiovascular workout that Cardioboxing provides. Similarly, those aiming to build muscle appreciate the full-body engagement and strength-building elements of our sessions. Beyond the physical aspects, we're delighted to witness individuals seeking to boost their self-confidence.


The empowering nature of Cardioboxing, combined with the camaraderie within our studio, helps them break through their comfort zones and realize their potential.


What truly sets our studio apart is our commitment to inclusivity – people of all ages and abilities, including those with special needs, join us to experience the transformative power of exercise. The adaptability of our classes ensures that every individual can find their rhythm and achieve their personal milestones. At our Cardioboxing studio, it's this diversity of clients and their unique aspirations that create an environment of continuous growth and shared accomplishment.


We are true to outer business slogan which is “Anyone can box, this includes you."

Rise Life Services at New York Fitness and Boxing
The Spirit of Huntington Art Center at New York Fitness and Boxing
Aqua Training Bag was born at New York Fitness and Boxing
AHEPA Chapter 500 sponsors the Special Needs Program at New York Fitness and Boxing
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